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Fitness Group

Session Types

We offer several classes that are fit to accommodate your needs. All of our classes are upbeat and coached by our wonderful trainers who are there to support you in any time of need.


1:1 Session

  • Traditional style training

  • Saved for unique circumstances.

Fitness Workout

Semi-Private Session

  • Feels like a 1:1.

  • They are sets and reps based.

  • You work at your own pace.

  • Sessions up to 6 people.

Fitness Class

Group Training Session

  • These sessions are time based.

  • You get to start and finish as a group.

  • Sessions up to 15 people.

Workout Methods

Medicine Balls

Base Class

This beginner-friendly circuit is ideal for those scoring 1 or less on our movement screen or returning after a hiatus. Covering essential movements with three levels of progression, the 30/30 work/rest ratio suits beginners. Weekly Base programs ensure consistency, allowing Stability-level clients to master basic patterns and advance gradually.

Cross Fit Class

Build Class

Build, our strength-focused TT option, emphasizes quality over metabolic training. It's a basic substitute for Small Group training, providing a complete product for TT-level members who can't afford SGT. While not as coaching-intensive, Build allows members to combine metabolic training with Burn and focus on strength. Open to all levels, Stability-level clients are advised to complete at least 4 weeks of Base training before starting Build.


Burn Class

This is our most advanced metabolic training option, requiring clients to score above 2 on all movement patterns in our screen. Featuring 1-2 progression levels for each movement, the sessions operate at an intermediate/advanced level. Timed intervals, typically with a 2/1 work to rest ratio (e.g., 20/10, 40/20), are employed, though not consistently. The Burn circuits are updated weekly.

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